SRS Webinars

Emerging Trends in Reproductive Surgery Series


As surgical procedures transition from the traditional OR setting to the office, REI ambulatory practices must adapt and evolve. This webinar will describe the intricacies of bringing new surgical technology to fruition in the ambulatory space, how surgery and office procedures can fit into your practice logistically and financially, and how to create provider partnerships to enhance procedural productivity in the office.
Panelists: John Petrozza, M.D.; Mindy Christianson, M.D.; Ashley Brown, C.N.P.
Moderator: Rebecca Flyckt, M.D.

With emerging insights and new technology for office hysteroscopy, experts take a deep dive into how to and why we should perform office hysteroscopy for patients, how to make it gentle, opportunities for economic sustainability, and tips and tricks for best outcomes.
Speakers: Preston Parry, MD
Stephanie J. Estes, MD FACOG
Charles E. Miller, MD FACOG

C-section scar isthmocele is an expanding area of interest in the reproductive surgery world. This webinar will describe the prevalence, presentation, and diagnosis of isthmocele, followed by a discussion of who, when, and how to operate.
Ally Murji, MD, MPH
Keith Isaacson, MD
Steven Lindheim, MD

Presenters of this webinar will discuss the surgical management of rare ectopic pregnancies, including C-section scar, cornual and cervical ectopic pregnancies.
Zaraq Khan, MD, MCR
Togas Tulandi, MD, MHCM
Kurt Barnhart, MD, MSCE