Camran Nezhat Institute

Dr. Camran Nezhat, Camran Nezhat Institute, Palo Alto, CA 

This SRS/ASRM fellowship program provides physicians with the unique opportunity to learn the latest surgical techniques and skills in advanced endoscopic and robotic assisted surgery under the expert guidance of Camran Nezhat, MD, FACS, FACOG. The program is highly devoted to treating infertility patients requiring surgical intervention. Dr. Camran Nezhat regularly treats women with endometriosis, myoma, congenital malformation of reproductive organs like uterine septum, and other benign gynecologic disorders. In our program, fellows become adept at advanced video laparoscopy, robotic assisted surgery, operative hysteroscopy, cystoscopy and proctoscopy. Fellows are also actively involved in the writing of research papers, abstracts, poster and video presentations, and journal publications. Sharing his decades of surgical expertise and medical knowledge, Dr. Camran Nezhat’s ultimate goal of this SRS/ASRM fellowship program is to train the next generation of reproductive surgeons who desire having advanced endoscopic operative skills to improve patient care.


Camran Nezhat Institute for SRS Fellowship